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Don't Dream for it. Train for it.

Lawrence Woodson

Posted on May 16 2019

"Two Times You" (2XU), symbolizes the multiplication of human physical performance. This Australian corporation engaged in the design and development of sporting apparel including; compression leggings for triathlons, outdoor & indoor cycling, jogging and swimming in addition to basic fitness streetwear. 

Regardless of your stamina in your current workout routine, 2XU has everything your body needs to gear up for complete metamorphosis. Move Athleisure is introducing four new styles to create complete symbiosis between your physical body and the fitness goals you're hoping to attain. 

2XU has graced the bodies of several world class champion athletes such as LeBron James, Steph Curry and Connor McGreggor. 2XU is now the official compression partner to many of the world’s best teams, and has been the (not-so-secret) "secret" recovery weapon to most pro basketball and football teams. 2XU is designed and tested in consultation with world-renowned universities and sport scientists.

Thanks to 2XU's newest series, crunching more workouts into your weekly routine is more attainable without needing to take days off training due to insufferable soreness. When combining compression, performance, muscle containment stamping technology and recovery leggings your body is utilizing the increased blood circulation to oxygenate your muscles through the toughest of workouts. Compression tights are an essential staple to your workout ensembles because it promotes circulation for an efficient warm-up, a faster recovery post-exercise. In addition to supporting the adductors, gluten, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves to reduce muscle vibration. The graduated compression increases blood circulation for improved recovery, reduced muscle stiffness post-exercise, reduced muscle fatigue and reducing muscle damaged and risk of overuse injuries by improving muscle alignment. 

2XU has everything you need whether you're training for a marathon, prepping for your next season of sports or trying to increase your personal fitness goals. Pop into Move Athleisure to see what 2XU can do for you. 



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