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Words Count

Our styles are defined by WordsCount’s beliefs and values : Kindness, gratefulness, happiness, hope and spreading positivity.

WordsCount’s founder, Iliana Cogan and designer, Marianne Grobman have always been surrounded by luxurious and soft materials. Their Peruvian background influences their fabric selection, that’s why we use the finest and softest materials to give each design a unique feel.

Every piece of the collection has two positive messages, one on the outside and one on the inside. The intention behind it is that we empower others with something positive on the outside and we keep ourselves motivated with the message on the inside.

As part of the design process we carefully select winner quotes from the bullying prevention workshops we donate in Peru and they become the internal messages in our pieces. This is our signature design detail and the link that connects our mission, our giveback and our beliefs as a brand.