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Glyder Vintage Oversized Cropped Hoodie Chive

Glyder Vintage Oversized Cropped Hoodie Chive

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ISOSOF PLUSH fabrication combines fleece like coziness with a brushed interior and exterior, for unbelievable softness inside and out. From look to feel, this sporty cropped sweatshirt is a dream to wear in every way.


On a mission to blur the line between comfort and performance, we created our luxury ISOSOF™ fabric. Draping and stretching like nothing you've felt before, ISOSOF™ moves with your body, wrapping you in a cloud-like softness. This plush fabric offers breathable and free-flowing comfort through any activity, while still keeping all of the cozy qualities we loved from traditional fleece.

  • Extremely soft, plush hand feel

  • Warm & cozy

  • Breathable, free-flowing comfort

  • Ultimate layering fabric for chilly weather

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